Getting the right tenant can be tricky so it’s vital to do the most thorough background checks possible before you sign your contracts.
All of our prospective tenants are pre qualified and registered before any viewings take place.  Once we have a confirmed offer we proceed to obtain full references for all occupants 18 years old and over.  Our checks are conducted by a third party company and will include the following:

  • Complete credit check, including adverse history such as CCJs and bankruptcy

  • Background search on previous names, addresses and aliases

  • Financial sanctions check

  • Assurance that their bank account is genuine

  • Cross referencing against our reference company’s Default Database

  • Contacting current landlord or managing agent for a reference

  • Employment check to establish your tenant’s salary (and that their employment isn't likely to be terminated)

Right to Rent
As a landlord you must check that a tenant or lodger can legally rent your residential property in England.  Before the start of a new tenancy, you must check all tenants aged 18 and over, even if: they’re not named on the tenancy agreement
there’s no tenancy agreement
the tenancy agreement isn’t in writing
How to make a Right to Rent check

  1. Obtain a tenant’s original acceptable documents that allow them to live in the UK

  2. Check the documents with the tenant present

  3. Copy and keep the copied documents on file and record the date of the check

Once all checks our complete contracts are then drafted

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How we vet potential tenants

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